About Us

The job opportunities for trained dental assistants are quite good in today's marketplace. While no one can guarantee job placement, the dental profession is currently facing a shortage of trained assistants. If one examines the want ads, there are many ads each week for a trained dental assistant.

Following your training in this ten-week course, you will have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Along with your diploma, we will give you a summary of your training experience.

Part of your training will involve the job interview itself, how to prepare for it, how to dress, what to say, etc. So often jobs are lost during the first five minutes of the interview. We feel it is important to train you in this area so that you will stand out from the rest of those competing for that position.

Additionally, many doctors call our office asking for a list of our recent student graduates. We also inform our current class of any doctors needing dental assistants so that they may apply directly for the position. Many of our students have obtained jobs as dental assistants even before finishing the course.

The starting pay scale for experienced dental assistants is considerably higher than non-experienced assistants and most offices will not consider anyone without any experience. We are often asked what can a graduate from our course expect to make in their first job. The answer depends on where the office is located. Offices in a metropolitan area generally pay higher salaries than those in suburban areas. Graduates of our course can expect to start well above the pay scale of those with no experience, but less than experienced assistants, which is good news. As your experience and skills develop with time on the job your level of compensation should also rise.

River Cities School of Dental Assisting is THE place to learn all the skills necessary for a great career as a dental assistant. Licensed by the Louisiana Board of Regents, River Cities School of Dental Assisting offers small classes and individualized instruction. Don't waste your time and money with other schools that teach you WAY more than you need to know. Learn how to be a dental assistant hands on, in a real setting, and with a great staff. In just 10 short weeks, you will be on your way to a great career. Classes start soon, so call now, 797-1156. River Cities School of Dental Assisting is located within Dr. Jason Dupree's office on E 70th in Shreveport. Conveniently located, and easy to reach from Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, Stonewall, Mansfield, Benton, Blanchard, and the entire ArkLaTex.