Frequently Asked Questions


What makes dental assisting a good career choice?

There are many benefits to choosing a career in dental assisting:

  • Job security. Dental care is a growing field and dental assistants are in high demand.
  • Financial incentives. Benefits include great pay, medical benefits, retirement plans, paid vacation/sick days and paid holidays.
  • Freedom. No more hourly jobs or working nights and weekends. You now have the freedom to do what you want to do.

How long is the program?

Our education and training program lasts 10 weeks.


How does the River Cities School of Dental Assisting compare to other dental assisting schools?

Our program focuses mainly on hands-on learning, supervised and overseen by board certified dentists. We have found that learning by example is not only more effective, but also faster than learning by textbook. Other programs may last up to 9 months, but you can actually gain a better education with our program after only 10 weeks.


How do I apply?

Just call us at 318.797.1156 and we will give you more informaiton or you can download a contract that applies to you from the right.

* We are located in the working office of Dr. Jason Dupree, if we do not answer, please leave us a message!


Is there an application fee?

We do require a $100 application processing fee, which should be enclosed with your application.


When do classes start?

Classes begin every ten weeks. Please call for class times and schedules.


Are flexible class schedules available?

We offer Tuesday & Thursday evening classes (6pm - 10pm).


What is the price of tuition?

Tuition at the River Cities School of Dental Assisting amounts to $2,500.00.

This amount does not include the $100 application fee.

It includes your book, and all supplies, which are provided by the RCSDA.